Where in the World is Duluth, MN?

Well, it’s at the nose of the wolf, you know what I’m talking about, right? The Great Lake that is shaped like a wolf, Lake Superior. Don’t tell me you don’t remember back to elementary school when the best way the teacher could get you to remember the names of the five Great Lakes was by describing their shapes such as a wolf head, a traveler with a backpack, and a leafy squash. If you’re teachers didn’t teach you that way, it’s probably because you didn’t grow up near the lakes! Duluth has a lot of offer, but everyone’s favorite is Lake Superior. For those of you who have never seen the icy-cold lake, it is something worth visiting.

As a native to the Duluth area, it is easy to take Laker Superior for granted. Every morning, I drive over the world’s largest lake distracted by the construction slowing me down and barely noticing the 1,000 ft. vessels waiting to dock or the way the lake sparkles from the sun that has recently risen. I’m sure the locals could argue on where the best view of the lake is located, but I’d say it is when you’re right next to it, so close, your toes are a little wet and somewhat numb. From that shoreline, it looks as if the lake goes on forever, and if you look at the adjacent cities, they look like distant mountains. The beauty of Lake Superior is a view you won’t see anywhere else.

Lake Superior and Duluth have an array of activities to offer. During the warmer months, you can visit the shoreline to see yoga on SUP boards or sailboats coasting by. Tourists can take Segway tours along the Lakewalk, which is also is a great place for runners. From 21st Avenue East to the Lift Bridge, it is only a five-mile run. Don’t believe me? Turn on your GPS and see for yourself, but don’t forget to stop to photograph the Aerial Lift Bridge A.K.A Old Lifty. In the winter, you could ski, snowboard, or check out the nightlife around the city, but I’d suggested locking yourself in the house, jacking up the heat, and drinking hot chocolate until the geese come back to town. Don’t worry, if none of this interests you, it’s not all there is to do in Duluth. There are other options I haven’t mention that can be found by visiting http://www.visitduluth.com.


You could pack your things up, rent a U-Haul and give Duluth a try.


7 thoughts on “Where in the World is Duluth, MN?

  1. From fun, easy, careful writing to the inclusion of visuals, you have written a realllly good post here, Kasey!

    I didn’t grow up around here, and I’ve always heard Duluth described as being at the tip of a pointing finger…

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  2. I really loved the way you described Lake Superior in the second paragraph. I’m also a Duluth native and for awhile I really didn’t like living here, but as I’ve grown older I’ve started to appreciate the beauty that I’ve taken for granted. I still would like to move when I’m done with school but I’m proud to say that Duluth is my hometown.


  3. I think you did a great job on this post. It is important to have pride in where you live. The view of the lake has always been one of my favorite things about living in this area. I remember sitting in the waiting room of St. Mary’s when i was a kid and just starring at the view of the lake. I remember thinking that it was something special, something not everyone could experience. If I were ever to move away, it would be something I would miss very much.


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