Hold The Door…

Don’t worry, this isn’t another blog or review about the controversial episode on the Game of Thrones where Hodor dies. Rather, it is a blog about something most of us may experience on a daily basis.

I’ve always been someone who notices the small things. Someone who tits_the_little_things_quoteries to think of others and do the right thing. Maybe, it’s something as small as smiling at a stranger, returning something found, or taking the time to notice and speak to someone. The sad thing is, there are too many people who are inconsiderate of others.

The other day, I was walking into school, the main building where most students enter. There were other students on their way into the school too. There are a few doors at the entrance, but most students seem to use the same door. As we all entered the building, a girl who was about two feet, if that, in front of me looked as if she would hold the door for me, but quickly let it close. As I clumsily tried to catch it, I thought to myself about how she didn’t look back to see if anyone was behind her. I pulled the door open and continued on my way while wondering if anyone saw my awkward entrance into the school. For a couple days, I found myself thinking about the experience and the girl. It really didn’t bother me or change my day, but thoughts kept popping into my head. I thought about how thoughtless the girl was and wondered why someone wouldn’t think to check behind them when letting a door close. Although I was able to shrug my shoulders and let the experience go, There is a larger problem with what happened.

We all have rough days. Sometimes, we are in our own little world and not always paying attention. It happens, but lately, it seems that people just don’t care to think about others. They don’t notice the people around them or want to help them in any way.

It’s not the fact that a door wasn’t held for me that bothers me. It is the loss of manners, respect, and thoughtfulness towards one another. Being considerate of others isn’t hard and only takes seconds to show a small amount of kindness such as looking to see if there is someone you should hold the door for behind you. It’s not required that we are all kind to each other, but it is a common courtesy and something that can benefit everyone involved. Because we aren’t required to do something, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t.  Sadly, being thoughtful is something we don’t see much of anymore.

We should all take the small amount of time to show others we care, even with something as simple as holding a door. With everyone liking, sharing, and wanting to be added to a friend’s list, why aren’t we kinder to each other in person?

As Theodore Roosevelt said, “Great thoughts speak only to the thoughtful image-224-e1439976485273mind, but great actions speak to all mankind.”

I often find myself wondering what has happened to us? Why are so many people hateful towards others? What has caused humans to act this way?

What do you think is the cause of this carelessness?




11 thoughts on “Hold The Door…

  1. Such a good topic and post, Kasey! In particular, your use of the specific example of the door-holding is really effective; it completely illustrates how little moments of neglect add up into a larger cultural problem.

    Your final question is a good one, too, as it sets up a nice discussion from your commenters. Excellent technique!

    When I think about how to answer your question, I find no easy or pat response. In some ways, as our society has become increasingly casual, that has also meant the emphasis on formal manners and etiquette has fallen away. I also think that with screens and earbuds turning us inward in our focus, we often forget about the world and people who are two feet away.

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    • I’m glad you liked the point I made with the door. I had a hard time writing this so that my point was clear. We forget about the world and we forget how to correctly interact with them (at least some/most do).


  2. I try to hold the door as often as I can. It can get awkward if the distance between the next person and myself is far. I want to hold the door, but I also don’t want them to awkwardly rush because I’m standing their.

    In response to your question, I think with an ever growing movement of gender equality, we lost some of the gentleman manners. We should hold the door no matter what gender AND we should have the door held for us. Respecting each other regardless of gender is something that we must remember.


  3. This post gets directly to the point that you don’t have to do much to make someone’s day that much better. I like how you used the example of looking behind you before closing the door because I have seen this happen so many times myself. I have seen it happen to others and sometimes it has happened to myself. I try to look behind me as much as possible when opening the door but sometimes I forget and feel bad when I hear someone behind me struggling to open the door. 😦 Sometimes people accidentally forget to look behind them and accidents will happen but it is different when the person knows you are there.


  4. I feel you on this one! It really is the little things that count. As for your question I would say that we’re just very self-centered these days … and I honestly don’t have much of an answer why. Maybe our heavy use of technology has something to do with it? Maybe that we (as a society) tend to value materialistic things has something to do with it? It’s kind of a tricky subject. What would you say is a main cause of this egocentric-ness?


    • I feel it is the way we are raised (I believe another commenter pointed this out too). People don’t seem to care about others anymore, so why would they teach their children to care or be courteous? We are raised to better ourselves, to focus on “us” because that’s what’s important. We are raised with a phone in our hands and looking through a lens rather than our own eyes. I don’t think these are the only factors. There is much more to it.

      Everyone is different, and each generation has its differences. We are losing a lot of great traits from other generations such as caring for others.

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  5. I am in complete agreement. As a kid my dad basically raised me to be a gentleman. He taught me to always hold the door, respect your elders even if you don’t agree, always give a helping hand, the list could go on and on.

    In response to your question, I would say that parents aren’t teaching their kids these things anymore. Parents are too busy on their phones or other technology to teach their kids. Most kids in today’s society are raised to be entitled. Everything is just handed to them now, they don’t really have to work for anything. Another reason is simply that people just don’t care about others anymore. There is no care, no love, no manners, etc. It’s an awful thing to see.


  6. This post speaks the absolute truth. I think people have become so selfish these days. I notice it every day, with things like holding the elevator, or cars stoping at a pedestrian cross walk. We all need to take a minute and realize that we aren’t the only ones on this earth. You wouldn’t think that doing a simple thing like holding the door would make a impact on a persons day or even life but it sure does. I am a full believer in that everything that you do has an effect and everything happens for a reason.


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